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Willard Rookie Tournament 2015
May 29-31

Pool A: Willard Hillcrest Dixon
Pool B: Kickapoo Rogersville Nixa
Friday @ 4:30 Willard v Dixon
Friday @ 6:45 Dixon v Hillcrest
Saturday @ 10:00 Kickapoo v Rogersville
Saturday @ 12:15 Kickapoo v Nixa
Saturday @ 2:30 Rogersville v Nixa
Saturday @ 4:30 Willard v Hillcrest
Sunday @ 12:30 Pool A #3 v Pool B #3 (5th place game)
Sunday @ 2:30 Pool A #2 v Pool B #2 (3rd place game)
Sunday @ 4:30 Pool A #1 v Pool B #1 (Championship game)

If you have questions about the tournament in advance, contact Scott McGee at 417-840-3710.
*Home team determined by coin flip
*Each game is scheduled for 7 innings or 2 hours
*High school baseball rules, but you may also bat more than 9 players. Lineup spots cannot be dropped once the game begins. We will also have free substitution on defense so that you can get kids into games if you so choose.
*Teams will split and chase baseballs on their side
*No infield/outfield
*Run Rules (15 after 3, 12 after 4, 8 after 5)
*All rulings by umpire are final (no game protests)

**If you have questions on rain, time changes, etc., on the days of the tourney, please contact Head JH Coach Luke Latham (417-766-0562)

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