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What is Baseball Bat Buzz


Baseball Bat Buzz is a website that contains information about Baseball equipment and ratings.  It is a community where players, parents, coaches can express their opinion on what bats are working, or what is not working.  Go to Baseball Bat Buzz to have your voice heard, do you really like a particular Bat or piece of equipment well go, let them know so they can do a writeup of it or maybe get some reviews from the community.

Baseball Bat Buzz can steer you in the correct direction for making a purchase, and should have information on the bat standards and what they mean to you the consumer.  Bat buzz is trying to keep its ear to the ground so you don't have too.  They have already started putting information up for next year's bats that have been seen in the College World Series and many of the manufactures have been sneak peeking the next lineup of bats.  Enjoy the opportunity to get your voice heard come be part of the Buzz.  

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